Does land redistribution in southern Africa achieve poverty reduction and livelihood improvement objectives?

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The Research Team

Michael Aliber

He holds an MA in Public Policy from the University of Michigan (1988) and a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin (2000). He presently holds the rank of Research Director at the Human Sciences Research Council in Pretoria, where he conducts research projects on land reform, rural development and poverty reduction. He was formerly a technical assistant to the Department of Land Affairs (1998-2001), and apart from South Africa has undertaken research and/or consultancy work related to land policy in Lesotho, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya. michael.jpg

Ben Cousins

Ben holds a DPhil in applied social science from the University of Zimbabwe (1997), and a BA in Sociology and Geography from the University of South Africa (1982). He currently holds a chair in Development Management at the University of the Western Cape, and has directed the Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies in the university’s School of Government since its inception (1995-). He has worked in agricultural training and extension in Swaziland (1976-1983) and Zimbabwe (1983-1986), and carried out research into rural social dynamics in Zimbabwe (1986-1991) and South Africa (1991-2006). Recent publications include: ‘Debating the Politics of Land Occupations’, Journal of Agrarian Change, Vol 6, No. 4: 584-597, 2006; ‘Agrarian reform and the two economies: transforming South Africa’s countryside’, in: L. Ntsebeza and R. Hall (eds), The Land Question in South Africa: the Challenge of Transformation and Redistribution, Pretoria: Human Sciences Research Council Press, 2006. ben.jpg

Stephen Greenberg

Stephen is research manager at Khanya-African Institute for Community-Driven Development (Khanya-aicdd). He is a researcher and an editor in the fields of agriculture, food, land and rural development, working extensively with research and environmental organisations. In 2006, he was the team leader in a case study on land reform and economic development in Maluti-a-Phofung (Free State) for the HSRC. From 1999 to 2001, he was a policy researcher at the Environmental Agency Trust (EDA), where he did field research and policy analysis, and capacity building on research and policy. He holds a MA in Geography and Environmental Studies (2002) and a BA (Hon.) in Sociology from the University of Witwatersrand (1994). He is currently working on his PhD degree. noimage.jpg

Nelson Marongwe

Nelson is an independent Zimbabwean researcher on land reform and rural development. He is currently a Research Fellow on an IDRC funded Research Project, focusing on fast track resettlement in Zimbabwe and its impact on forestry resources.  Other recent work has included research on the role of Traditional Authority in Community Based Natural Resource Management, and on Fast Track resettlement in Mazowe, Shamva and Makonde Districts, focusing on the infrastructure development needs and the state of the environment in the newly settled areas. Marongwe holds a B.Sc. RUP [Hon] and an MA [Environmental Policy and Planning], and is currently studying for PhD at PLAAS, entitled Interrogating Zimbabwe’s Fast Track Resettlement Programme: a focus on beneficiary selection. noimage.jpg

B.Z. Mavedzenge

He is a research technician with the Agricultural Research and Extension Service of Zimbabwe, based in Masvingo. From 1981-2004 he was team leader of the Masvingo province team of the Department of Research and Specialist Services’ Farming Systems Research Unit. He is a contributing author to ‘Hazards and Opportunities: Farming Livelihoods in Dryland Africa – Lessons from Zimbabwe’ (Zed, 1996). bz.jpg

Themba Maluleke

Themba is a field researcher and community activist concerned with land and HIV/AIDS issues. He joined PLAAS in July 2005 and is based in the Limpopo Province. He previously worked at Nkuzi Development Association, conducting research into the impact of HIV/AIDS on land reform and land-based livelihoods. He is the provincial representative of the Treatment Action Campaign. He is also a member of the District Youth Council in the Makhado sub-region, where he serves on the secretariat. He holds a National Diploma in Teaching and will graduate with Post-Graduate Diploma in Land and Agrarian Studies in 2007. themba.jpg

Tshilio Mananzhe

He previously worked at Nkuzi Development Association, a land rights NGO in Limpopo Province. He joined PLAAS as a researcher in July 2006, is based in Limpopo Province and carries out research on land reform and rural livelihoods. His association with PLAAS started in 2003 when he registered for the MPhil in Land and Agrarian Studies. He is currently working on his mini-thesis, entitled ……. tshilio.jpg

Willem Odendaal

He holds an LLM in International Environmental Law from the University of Oxford Brookes (2002) and a BA Hons (Development Management) from the University of Stellenbosch (1995). He is the coordinator and researcher of the Land, Environment and Development Project (LEAD) of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) in Windhoek, Namibia. He has done research and consultancies on the Namibian resettlement programme, land reform legislation and policy, farm workers’ tenure rights, urban land and housing rights, and the impact of communal land reform legislation on women and minority groups, such as the San. willem_odendaal_sm.jpg

Ian Scoones

He is a Natural Resource Ecologist interested in exploring the links between ecological dynamics and local resource management with a focus on dryland areas in Africa, particularly Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Research with an interdisciplinary perspective has involved examining issues of rangeland and pastoral development, soil and water conservation, forestry and woodland management, as well as biodiversity and protected area issues. A social and institutional perspective is at the centre of his work, which explores the linkages between local knowledges and practices and the processes of scientific enquiry, development policy-making and field-level implementation. Recent publications include Leach, M., and Scoones, I. (2006) The Slow Race: Making Technology Work for the Poor, Demos Pamphlet ; Scoones, I. (2006) Science, Agriculture and the Politics of Policy: The Case of Biotechnology in India, India: Orient Longman; Scoones, I., deGrassi, A., Devereux, S., and Haddad, L. (eds) (2005) IDS Bulletin, 36.2, Brighton: IDS; Leach, M., Scoones, I., and Wynne, B. (2005) Science and Citizens: Globalization and the Challenge of Engagement, London and NY: Zed Press scoones.jpg

Chrispen Sukume

Chrispen is an Assistant Professor in the Department for Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Zimbabwe. He has contributed extensively to recent discussions about land reform, including inputs into the 2005 World Bank review. Key publications include: ‘Comparative advantage of crop production in Zimbabwe’ (USAID, 2000); ‘Land reform in Zimbabwe: farm level effects and cost-benefit analysis’ (IFPRI, 2002) and ‘Impact of subdivision policy on land delivery’ (CASS/Land Tenure Center, 2003) noimage.jpg

Shadrack Tjiramba

Shadrack is a junior researcher with the Land, Environment and Development (LEAD) Project of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC). Shadrack joined the LAC in February 2004 after completing a National Diploma in Land Management at the Polytechnic of Namibia. Shadrack has conducted research on land reform related topics such as the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act, the Affirmative Action Loan Scheme, and the Flexible Land Tenure System. shadrack_tjiramba_sm.jpg

Wolfgang Werner

Wolfgang is an independent researcher associated with the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia.  He obtained a PhD in Economic History from the University of Cape Town and an MA in Rural Social Development from the University of Reading.  He was Director of Lands in the MLR from 1990-1995 after which he joined the Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit.  Since 2002 he has been associated with the DRFN.  He has done research and consultancies on land tenure issues, land reform policy and rural poverty.  Recent publications include … wolfgang_sm.jpg


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